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Family Sports Photography – 4 Steps Great Sports Photos

1. Location, Location, Location
Just like real estate your best sports photos will come by you being in the right location.  Figure out where you can position yourself to get the best photos.  This probably won’t be up in the stands amongst all the other spectators.  Most often it’s down on the field or the court or upfront where you have the best view.  It might be at an angle or elevated a bit to avoid obstacles.  Don’t be bashful, if you have a good camera, and look like you know what you’re doing then get down in front until someone makes you move, besides if you’re shooting photos of all the athletes then you’re actually the "team" photographer and who will complain about that?  Being in the right location is critical for getting those photos you want.  Remember, don’t become glued to a single spot either.  Move around, try different angles, different elevations and different positions.  You will be amazed at the difference in the photo by simply changing the angle and this will help keep you from always getting the same shots over and over.

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