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Access your photos from anywhere

Were you ever out of town and needed access to your photos on your home computer? This can be extremely frustrating if you have no way of getting to the photos you need. With a Windows Home Server (WHS) and Internet connection, it’s never been easier to accomplish.

There are a number of ways to get a hold of WHS. You can build your own system and put the software on yourself or, as I would recommend, buy a box already put together by a vendor such as HP.

When you run the setup wizard for the first time you are asked to create a user account. You can specify whether this user has access to the home server over the Internet or not. If you allow this account to gain access, you can setup a web address you type in just like a normal website such as myserver.homeserver.com. If you have an HP WHS you are presented with a home screen such as the one below.

home screen

If you haven’t setup the photo or media streamer, you can use the “Access Files on Server” options. The WHS machine will then ask you to login using the user you setup at the beginning of the setup process.

Once you are logged in, you are presented with a file browser similar to the one you use to view files in Windows. You can navigate to the folders you want to view your files in, download files, create folders and even upload new files. This can be extremely useful if you are on a shoot and want to backup your files from earlier that day.