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Under expose your photos to speed up shutter speeds


If you like to shoot using aperture priority you know that you don’t always get the shutter speed up as fast as you like and end up with blurry photos. There is one other option that many camera’s feature that can help with speeding up the shutter.

Many cameras allow you to adjust exposure compensation. With this setting you tell the camera that you either want to over or under expose each shot. If you are shooting in aperture priority adjusting the exposure compensation will either speed up the shutter or slow it down.

If you are shooting basketball photos using aperture priority and are in a very low lit gym you might be better off telling your camera to under expose your photos by one or two stops to bring your shutter speed up to where you need to capture the fast action. Obviously when you do this your images are going to look a little darker than they should. The good thing is you can usually brighten the photos up in post production and make them look just as good as if they were shot without under exposing them. You also get the advantage of keeping the fast action shots sharp.

If your camera does a poor job with high ISO noise you can implement this technique as well. Rather than moving the ISO setting to a higher setting, tell your camera to under expose the photo. Now in post you simply brighten the photo back up and don’t have to worry about trying to get rid of really bad noise.

When using this feature you will want to be careful not to push things too far. If you under expose too much you may start to lose detail that you can’t recover. You also need to be extremely careful if you are ever over exposing. Photos are much more forgiving when they are under exposed as apposed to over exposure. You have the chance to loose much more information in an over exposed photo than and under exposed one.