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Unlimited photo storage with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Photos

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you now have a great way to backup all of your photos. Amazon has introduced a feature to prime members called Prime photos where you can store an unlimited number of photos to their cloud service at no extra charge. If you are not a prime member, Amazon also offers up a way to store photos plus any other file for only $59.99 per year with their Amazon Drive product. In my test the desktop app uploaded files extremely quick and reliably which is extremely important if you have thousands of photos you want to backup.

Google also offers up a way to backup an unlimited number of photos to their cloud but you are limited to 16 Megapixels for your shots. You are also constrained to using the mobile app to get them to their server. Amazon gives you the option of using a mobile app or desktop app to get things done. Google does however include unlimited HD video as well. If you want to backup a bunch of video with Amazon, you will want to spend the extra money and sign-up for Amazon Drive.

Amazon Drive UsageOverall if you are currently an Amazon Prime member there is little reason not to take advantage of the storage. It’s another way to get your files backed up to an offsite location.

SkyDrive now supports RAW photos.


Microsoft recently updated their online storage offering with a number of file handling and speed improvements. You can read about all of the features on the Windows Live Blog. The big news for photographers is that it has now added support to upload your RAW files.

You can upload your RAW photos just as if they were a jpg file and have the thumbnails and large previews show up in the browser.

Free Unlimited Photo Storage

Have you ever wanted to have a free online backup solution for all of your photos? According to LiveSide Microsoft is preparing to offer such an option.

Microsoft currently offers 25GB of free online storage via SkyDrive in which you can store your photos, documents and other files online. Now it appears you will be able to store unlimited photos and documents using SkyDrive. No word on when they will make the switch but it’s good news for all sports photographers looking for a free way to backup their entire photo collection.

You can see our overview of storing your photos on SkyDrive as well as how to share your photos on SkyDrive in our previous posts. You can also take a look at a short video demonstrating how Microsoft is building features of SkyDrive into Windows 8 below.

Microsoft releases RAW codec pack for Windows

If you shoot in a RAW format rather than JPEG you know that sometimes it can be difficult to view your photos as easily as the JPEG counterpart. Today Microsoft has made available the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack that enables native support for a wide variety of RAW formats in Windows.

You could use a third party plugin to do the job before but some cost money and others were in beta or not officially supported. You can check out a short video demonstrating the new codec pack below.


Photos shot as RAW rather than JPEG have a number of advantages and I have always been a big supporter of shooting RAW photos. This is one more step in making it easier to enjoy your sporting photographs in Windows and Windows Live Photo Gallery.

The Inside Windows Live blog post has more information on the codec pack release.