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You always want to share those great sports photos.  It may seem like a simple thing to do, but there are a number of things to remember and be watchful for when planning to email your photos.

When sending your photos through email you may not want to send the full high resolution file. Many email services don’t let you send more than 10 MB each email. With the ever growing megapixel cameras this limit can be reached with just a few photos. Windows Live/Hotmail actually provides a great feature specifically designed for attaching photos. You can rotate, crop, adjust brightness and do a few other small adjustments right in your browser. Be careful with this feature as it doesn’t give you an option to change the resolution of the photo you are sending. The default size that it will send is a fairly low resolution version of the file. If the recipient isn’t go to print the photo then it’s not a big deal.

If your email service doesn’t provide this feature you may want to resize your photos before you send them to your family and friends. When resizing your photos make sure that you don’t resize your originals. I would suggest copying the photos you want to email to a separate folder first and then go into your favorite photo organizer/editor and do the resizing on the photos you just copied.

Speaking of photo organizers, many of them now include the option to email photos directly in the program. Some may just open up your default mail application, but at least it includes all the photos you had selected in the email automatically.


Whatever your preference may be keep the above suggestions in mind and your friends and family members will be enjoying your photos in no time.


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