Abstract the World


One of the great things about photography is that you can view the world in a different way. With the use of different lenses and lighting effects you can take ordinary things around you and modify them in ways the human eye alone could never see.

Play with the light.

The natural light all around us can be a fantastic tool to work with. When possible try to take advantage of this. When I’m shooting for abstract sports photos or just having some fun, I could care less about how much noise is in my photo. Often times this can actually give it more character. Try and have a really bright light in the background of your photo, or maybe in the foreground. The point is to try different things. The more you play with the light the more you will get familiar with the different effects you can achieve, not just for abstract photos but in general as well.

Try a different angle.

Another fun thing to try is moving the camera or yourself in positions you wouldn’t normally photograph in. Try taking photos while holding the camera at waist side, or at a crooked angle. Get down closer to the ground or stand on a ladder or stool. You will find that different angles and heights can change things dramatically. Just as film makers use these techniques in the movies, you can use them in your sports photos as well.

Often looking for angles and patterns for your photos can be yet another way to make them more interesting to the eye. Just by tilting the camera a bit may give your photo that extra something that makes it go from an okay shot to a fantastic photograph.

Use that lens.

Try different focal lengths, in other words, zoom in as tight as you can and take the shot. You will never know what kinds of detail you may pick up. Conversely try some wide angles at different positions. You can achieve some really dramatic emotions using a super wide angle lens.

Keep practicing.

Experiment with different sports. This could include the family on the trampoline in the back yard or jump roping on the driveway.  Try and think of the most ordinary part of the sport practice photographing it in exciting new ways. This will improve your skills in seeing things in a less than ordinary way.

My last suggestion would be to just practice, and as always, have fun with it. Remember, you don’t have to go to a professional sporting event to get some cool and interesting shots.


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