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Unlimited photo storage with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Photos

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you now have a great way to backup all of your photos. Amazon has introduced a feature to prime members called Prime photos where you can store an unlimited number of photos to their cloud service at no extra charge. If you are not a prime member, Amazon also offers up a way to store photos plus any other file for only $59.99 per year with their Amazon Drive product. In my test the desktop app uploaded files extremely quick and reliably which is extremely important if you have thousands of photos you want to backup.

Google also offers up a way to backup an unlimited number of photos to their cloud but you are limited to 16 Megapixels for your shots. You are also constrained to using the mobile app to get them to their server. Amazon gives you the option of using a mobile app or desktop app to get things done. Google does however include unlimited HD video as well. If you want to backup a bunch of video with Amazon, you will want to spend the extra money and sign-up for Amazon Drive.

Amazon Drive UsageOverall if you are currently an Amazon Prime member there is little reason not to take advantage of the storage. It’s another way to get your files backed up to an offsite location.