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Windows Live Gallery is a software download that allows you to manage, view, edit, publish and print your photos from your computer. You can download it for yourself for free at This is a great piece of software to use if you want something simple yet powerful enough to get most photos looking the way you want. This article will quickly go through the process of importing your photos, making quick fixes and finally getting them on the web.

The first thing after you have WLG (Windows Live Gallery) installed is to import your photos. When you first insert your card from your digital camera there will be a pop-up box with an option to import photos using Windows Live Gallery. You can then either have the program automatically import your photos for you or you can choose to look at them, rename and choose which ones you would like to copy to your hard disk. I always choose to review them before importing as this allows me to take a look at them and decide if there are any I don’t want to copy over to the hard drive. I won’t go into detail, but rest assured that there are many option to dive into with the automatically naming of folders and grouping by time and such, but they also make it extremely easy if you just want to copy over the new photos that it found on the card from your camera.

Once you have them copied over from your card it will display the photos it just imported as well as a list on the left hand side of all the other folders containing photos that are on your computer. You choose to view your photos by folder, people, date, or descriptive tags. You can also quickly edit your photos by double clicking the one you would like to modify. Once you double click the photo it brings up a larger view of the photo. You can now click the Fix button at the top which will bring up a number of tools on the right hand side of the photo. You can go through the different tools on your own and test them out but the ones I use on a regular basis are the Adjust exposure and Fix red eye tools. Don’t worry about making a mistake as you can also go back to your original photo by pressing either the undo or revert buttons. To quickly go through a number of photos in sequential or there is a handy forward and previous just below your photo (you can also just press the forward and back button on your keyboard).

Once you have made all the adjustments to your photos you simply click the Back to gallery button located at the top left of the program. One you are back to the main window of the gallery you have a number of options using the buttons across the top for publishing to the web emailing them to your friends or family and printing them out. For the purpose of this article let’s publish them to Flickr. If you don’t know what Flickr is you can go directly to the website at All we have to do is select the photos we would like to publish, click the publish button and select More Services and then Publish on Flickr. If this is your first time you will need to tell WLG what your login details are. In the future it will automatically use your information you provided. You can select which photo group you would like to publish to or even create a new one. Then simply click the publish button and your done. WLG will send the photo over to Flickr for you.

I would highly recommend you check this great piece of software out for yourself, it’s easy to use gets the job done quickly and it’s absolutely free.

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