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Have you done anything interesting with your sports photos lately?  Why did you spend all the time and effort to take them?  Of course to share and enjoy them, and maybe even sale them.  When you realize that you’ve captured a great great the first thing you want to do is to share it with someone.  In fact, sometimes I’m so excited about the photo I captured, I need to share them right now, and will find myself walking over to people showing the photo on the camera’s LCD screen.  Although small it’s good enough to see and people get excited.  The next thing I hear is wow, cool, I need a copy of that.  There are many ways to share and enjoy your photos, many of which we often overlook.  We will look at them on the camera, maybe once on the computer and then we move on to the next event.  Here are some great ways to enjoy your sports shots that you’ve taken such care to capture.

Of course you can look at them on your computer screen, but there are better ways to leverage your computer.  Select a photo as the background on your computer or specify a folder for the screen saver.  To use your photos as the background on your computer or to choose a folder to use as the screen saver slide show in windows, go to the control panel and double click on display.  It’s easy to do and you’ll be surprised at how fun it is to see your photos displayed as the screen saver.  I’m repeatedly surprised as I walk up to my computer and look at the screen saver to see photos that I forgot I had taken…………….

Yes, perhaps old fashioned for some, but many times nothing beats having a set of prints of your favorite sports photos.  It’s kind of like holding cash in your hand it feels so much better than a check…………….Options for printing your photos are numerous and inexpensive.  Do them online or locally, they will turn out beautifully and are a joy to view and share.  Don’t forget that there are many more sizes than 4×6.  In fact vertical shots of athletes are great in a 5×7 size which doesn’t cost much more, but appears so much larger.  Take your best shots, frame them and hang them on the wall.  Do 8x10s, 11x14s, 16x20s and larger.  There is so much competition for printing and the prices have come down so dramatically you should take advantage of printing your photos.

A great way to enjoy and share your photos is by creating a custom photo calendar.  Many years ago at Christmas my wife and I did a photo calendar that took hours and hours and only had a single photo per month.  How things have changed……………  Now it is fast and easy with both online and desktop software providing this service.  Use your own photos to create a custom calendar, specify personal dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.  Select photos for the cover, for each month and even for specific dates.  You can choose different layouts, themes, backgrounds and artwork.  The past couple of years at Christmas my siblings and I have produced a custom family calendar for the grandparents.  It was easy to coordinate, since we created an online account to share.  Each sibling uploaded their own photos into their account and then populated the pages and dates of the calendar that they were responsible for.  Once complete we had it printed and shipped for a Christmas gift.  Calendar’s are a great way to display your sports photos because it’s something you use regularly and will be looking at all year around.  Online services such as www.photoworks.com, www.kodakgallery.com, and www.smugmug.com plus many others provide photo calendar services.

Photo Books
Create stunning one-of-a-kind custom photo books for the coffee table or table-top from your sports photos.  Choose from a variety of sizes, styles and materials.  They can be hardbound, softbound, linen, vinyl or leather.  You select the photos, the layout, backgrounds and custom text.  Professional online tools make them easy to build through simple drag and drop methodology and the ability to automate or customize as much as you want.  The tools allow you to create and build your book anywhere at anytime. They are actually amazingly affordable for a custom one-of-a-kind piece.  You can create one for each sport, each athlete or targeted for a specific event. Beautiful photo books can be made at such places as www.snapfish.com, www.shutterfly.com, www.picaboo.com, www.mypublisher.com and many others.

Slide shows
Transform your sports photos into an entertaining photo slide show including captions and music!  Capture the excitement of the sporting event for those who couldn’t be there.  You can do this and more with a photo slide show, which are fun, easy to make and free.  There are many services to choose from each offering a unique approach. but all letting you choose captions, music and even hundreds of photos.  They make it easy to share as well through email, blogs or social networking sites.  Popular services are smilebox.com, slide.com, slideroll.com and many more.

Don’t forget you worked hard to take those great sports photos so remember to take time to enjoy them.

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