Sports Photography Cleaning Your Lens

Have you ever noticed small blotches starting to appear on all of your photos taken with your DSLR? This could mean that either your lens is dirty, or your camera’s sensor has picked up some dust. I strongly recommend you try cleaning the lens before working on the sensor.

Your lens can be expensive, so you should take care not to damage it while cleaning it. You should also be cautious of over cleaning. If it doesn’t need cleaning, don’t clean it. Cleaning too often creates a risk of damaging the lens.

One way to actually protect the glass of the lens is to use a UV filter. This can be especially important in sports photography where you will often be outdoors in harsh environments or indoors with many people.  You can pick these up and place them on your lens at all times to keep the glass underneath safe from scratches. The other advantage is that you will then be cleaning the filter rather than the lens itself.

Before you wipe your lens down with any type of cloth or tissue, you should first blow away any large dust particles. You don’t want to do this with your mouth as you may actually get saliva on the glass. It is much better to get a small blower specifically made for camera cleaning. Make sure you squeeze it a couple times to clear any dust that may have made it’s way inside.

One of the safest methods to clean your lens is to simply breath hot hair on it and wipe it down with a cloth. This can be safer than applying harsh chemicals. If that doesn’t do the job, you can pick up a cleaning fluid at your local camera shop. When applying this fluid make sure you don’t use too much each cleaning session. You will rarely if ever need any more than a drop or two. Make sure you apply the fluid to the cloth first, and then in a circular motion, wipe around the lens to clear off smudges and fingerprints that may have accumulated.

While you are picking up the lens cleaning fluid, make sure you grab some cleaning tissue or a cleaning cloth as well. Use one of these methods to apply the liquid and wipe down the lens. The cleaning tissues are for one time use only, so make sure to toss any used tissues out. As for the cleaning cloth, you can usually just wash them after each use. If they do start collecting too much dust or debris throw it out and purchase a new one. There is no reason to risk the damage it may cause.

You should definitely keep your lenses clean so that your sports photos don’t suffer, and once you understand the basics it’s a snap to keep them in top shape.

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