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Adobe has entered into the online photo space with Photoshop Express. They have provided many of the photo adjustment tools found in Photoshop Elements in an online form. This service works well for sports photographers and seems to be aimed mostly with the amateur and possibly even the prosumer who wants to make some quick edits online and don’t have access to their desktop tools.

Adobe has placed itself in a different position than a service like flickr. I don’t really see Photoshop.com as a serious photo sharing/community option but rather an online photo editor. It doesn’t include such things as commenting on your photos. It does however include some basic sharing options such as emailing and embedding your photos on a web page. It also includes some pretty neat slideshow options that you or your visitors can use. They have joined up with Shutterfly to offer printing services.

The strength of this solution is in the editing tools. They offer a fairly wide range of options from cropping and rotating to white balance and touch-ups. These options are all easily accessible by a list on the left side of the window. To make an adjustment just click the tool you wish to use and either select from the presets provided or use a slider to make more fine tuned adjustments at the top of the screen.


While editing you are given the option to zoom and pan around  your photo so you can really see the detail of the adjustments you are applying. They have also incorporated a live preview, so when you are doing your adjustments it shows you those results on your photo nearly instantaneously. You can watch the video below for an example of this feature as well as a number of other adjustments available. Once you have made your changes Photoshop Express keeps a copy of the original so you can always go back if you don’t like the changes you have made.

Photoshop Express makes it extremely easy to manage your photos and albums. For uploading, you select the photos from your computer after which it brings up a handy dialogue box where it gives you the options to upload to your library, a new album or an existing album. It also shows the file names of each photo it will upload with the option to remove any before proceeding with the upload.


They have built a drag and drop interface where you can just drag your photos over to the add new album icon to create a new album. They employ the same mechanism for organizing. To add photos to a different album, just drag the photos to the album name and it makes a copy of them in the new album.

The biggest drawback is the amount of storage you are given for the free account. You are only allotted about 2 GB so this is not a very good solution for backing up all the family photos. You can however buy more storage if you like. They offer a range of 20 GB to 100 GB at $20 to $100 a year respectively.

If you already have your photos on another photo service such as flickr, facebook, photobucket, or picasa they make it extremely easy to gain access to those photos and use the built in tools to adjust them as well. This is a fantastic way of storing your photos on another service but being able to use the fantastic editing tools Photoshop Express gives you.

As noted earlier, I think the most powerful feature Photoshop Express has going for it is the simple yet powerful online editing capabilities. This combined with the fact that you can easily edit your photos from other services makes it a great option. I would recommend you check it out.


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