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Sports photography offers many rewards and many challenges, one of the greatest challenges is Mother Nature. What do you do if you must shoot sports in a cold, winter climate? When temperatures are below freezing, using your bare fingers isn’t so fun. Keeping your hands warm while providing the ability to access and manipulate the camera controls is a must, but also the difficult to do.  This is not just a need for those that live in geographically cold locations, but can be requirement most anywhere including indoor ice arenas which are often as cold or colder than outdoor weather outdoors.

Mild Temperature

For temperatures that are not too cold a pair of baseball, golf or shooting gloves can do the trick.  In reality any light thin gloves that allow for dexterity and provide grip on the camera will work.  The gloves need to be thin to allow you to reach and touch the controls, and have some form of grip so that the camera does not slip out of your hands.


At events with colder temperatures you will need gloves that keep hands warm and ensure a firm grip and allow you to control your gear.  You want soft gloves that will keep your hands warm with fabric designed to wick away moisture.  Some of the warmer gloves will be made from Lycra or Thinsulate and will come with control dots that help to ensure a firm grip on the delicate camera controls. 

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves often made from thermal fleece or wool allow you to easily pull out your fingers for full use and dexterity giving you full access to your photography and then pull the mitten portion back over your fingers to keep your hands warm. There is a variety of these types of gloves some that have small flip back caps over the thumb and index fingers and others that allow you to flip back all the fingers and thumb.  Some will even have small magnets to help keep the finger and thumb caps out of the way.

New Electronic Gloves

A newer style designed gloves that have been designed to work well with cell phones and iPod’s can be of help here as well.  These gloves were developed specifically for phone and PDA users caught in the frigid air. They are meant to assure technological convenience under one of the most stressful conditions, by keeping your hands warm and comfortable.  These gloves have a silicon-like grip on the finger tips with a sensory transmission ideal for touch screens and other fine controls.  

Even Colder

If you find yourself even even colder conditions you will want to have regular snow gloves or hand-warmers that you can use in between shooting to slip your hands into and warm-up.  Hand-warmers will last for hours, warm your hands quickly and are light-weight and can be stored in your pockets.

Consider purchasing a quality pair of gloves that provide a perfect everyday shield against winter helping you keep and stay warm while shooting those great sports photos as you remain snug, warm, and comfortable.


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