Never take another out of focus photo again!

Remember all those action photos you have taken that ended up being focused on the wrong player. What if you could change the focus to the player you originally were aiming for after you took that photo? The possibility might not be to far from reality. A startup company called Lytro is working on a consumer priced camera that allows you to actually change what is or is not in focus after the photograph has been taken.

Ren Ng, CEO of Lyton states the following.

This is achieved by inserting a microlens array between the sensor and main lens, creating a plenoptic camera. Each microlens measures not just the total amount of light deposited at that location, but how much light arrives along each ray. By re-sorting the measured rays of light to where they would have terminated in slightly different, synthetic cameras, we can compute sharp photographs focused at different depths.

Check out the following video for a demonstration on what the camera can actually do. You can also read more about the technical details of how light field photography works by checking out Ren’s tech report here.

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