Meta Data part 3

Continuing a discussion of meta data and the additional information that a camera attaches to each photo you take and how that can assist you in becoming a better sports photographer.


CCD width = 28.12mm

This is a calculated value that is of no use at this time.

Exposure Time = .003 (1/320)

This is the shutter speed, how fast your shutter opened and closed. Exposure time is controlled by the shutter speed. Along with aperture this determines the amount of light that reaches the sensor. Shorter shutter speeds are used to freeze fast-moving subjects.

Aperture = f/4.5

The aperture or size of the opening of the hole that allows light onto the sensor. Remember the smaller the number the larger the opening so I could have made the opening larger by going to 2.8.

ISO = 3200

The ISO for this shot was set very fast at 3200. Remember this is essentially the “speed of the film” and although there is trade-offs you typically want faster to freeze action and motion.

Exposure bias = 0.00

This is typically modified with a small dial or button with the + or – sign. In this shot it was not adjusted, but this meta-data shows you if you used this feature to underexpose or overexpose the photo. Useful in high contrast situations and an easy change to make.

Metering Mode = Matrix

This represents the mode your camera is set in to “meter” or “calculate” the exposure from the current light conditions. Matrix mode in the Cannon camera evaluates the light in all zones of the frame for its calculation. Other common settings are “spot” which calculates from one very small area and center weighted which concentrates on the middle of the frame.

Exposure = Normal Program

Exposure refers to the lightness or darkness of the photo. I shot this with the exposure mode set to normal. Most cameras will have auto, shutter priority, aperture priority and manual.

Thumbnail = 160 x 120 pixels

This is the size of the preview thumbnail that is included in jpeg files. So within the header of this photo is a thumbnail that is 160×120 pixels in size.

JPEG Quality = 98 (422)

JPEG Quality represents how much compression has been performed. The higher this number the less compression that was performed. The maximum number on this camera is 100 so 98 is quite high indicating less compression and higher quality. Although 100 is the maximum number it does not mean no compression was performed.

Unique ID

I’m not aware of the ID being used by many cameras or software programs at this time

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