Batch process your photos using Picasa

photos to be batched

Have you ever shot a bunch of photos to only find out that you had the white balance off, or the exposure a little low. Don’t worry, you can fix them fairly quickly using some batch processing. Google’s Picasa comes with a cool feature that lets you copy the adjustments you have made on one photo and paste them onto a selection of photos you select. Let’s take a look at how to get this working.

As you can see, the following photo needs some lighting adjustments in the shadow areas. I took a number of photos to be used in a photosynth and I didn’t want the scene outside of the car to be totally blown out so I underexposed portions of the interior knowing that I could fix it easier than trying to fix the the blown out scene looking out of the windows.

 photo to fix 

The only thing I really need to do is bring up the fill light under the Tuning tab. Once that’s done I’m ready to copy the effect.

fixed photo

To copy the effects, just click the Edit menu item and select Copy All Effects from the drop down menu.

copy effects

Now you have the settings in memory and can apply them to the rest of your photos. You now need click the Back to Library button so that you can choose which photos you would like to apply the effect to. Once back in the library select all the photos you want to apply the effects to, then go back to the Edit menu and select Paste All Effects.

fixed photos

As you can see Picasa has now applied the same fill light adjustment on all the photos I had selected. This easy technique can save you hours of time painstakingly doing adjustments one by one. Picasa doesn’t save these changes permanently to your photos so if you need to go back on a couple that your batch job didn’t work to well on you can and undo any changes you made. Also remember that you not limited to just one adjustment, so if your photos need multiple changes do them all and then copy the effects.

I hope you find this useful and take advantage of this great tool just as I have.

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